1.    Music lessons are supposed to be enjoyed while learning.  

2.    We are more interested in personal growth than to be the best musician.

3.    It is more important to play and enjoy music with the fastest results than to read music and you don’t know what you are playing.

4.    Playing by ear is more important than playing by the book although it is recommended to learn to read and understand music terms and communication with fellow musicians.

5.    It is easier to learn by ear and later by music notes and terms.

6.    Music develops your brain three dimensional and that is why it is so important to learn to play an instrument from the youngest age possible while the student’s brain is fresh and growing.

7.    Playing drums is the best way to develop your brain evenly and three dimensional because you have to think and concentrate on 2 legs and 2 arms separately.

8.    Playing a music instrument helps with concentration, focus, co-ordination, ADD, Aggression, communication, patience, discipline which helps to increase self-confidence and better self-image with better marks at school.




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